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It was born from the search for the tools to be able to release and heal the pain caused by the 5 emotional wounds .

Since we are little we live experiences that have caused us some of these wounds which are: abandonment, rejection, humiliation, betrayal and injustice. These remain in our lives manifesting in depression, anxiety, fear, lack of love, emptiness.


That is why we want to accompany you and share with you a set of tools that we have found and that will help you in your process of evolution, healing and self-knowledge, to start living in balance and serenity.


The healing tribe, wow, what an experience, everything was perfect from the venue, the faciltators, the participants and the whole ceromony...These lovely people really made us feel welcome, very down to earth, grounded people,., The ceromony was everything, ups and downs, dark and light, a real journey, a warriors journey was the vibration i felt. My particular experience was very intense, very powerfull, kinda hard to put into words but all i can say is the medicine certainly does give you what your soul needs not what your ego wants.  Since the ceromony i feel a new sense of positivity for getting through it and im feeling a lot more grattitude in general for the simple things in life which is a really good feeling ....thanks to everyone involved, keep playing those beautifull songs, keep healing . peace x


John James



Fue una gran experiencial la cual recomiendo mucho!!  Me ayudo mucho a encontrar paz interna  a sanar por dentro. El lugar es hermoso 🙏 #ayahuasca


Santiago Márquez


Una experiencia conmovedora, inolvidable y maravillosa.... No creo tener palabras suficientes para describir lo que ésta increíble experiencia fue para mi.

Gracias por todo 💙



Pamela González


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